Ron DeSantis doesn’t understand capitalism

I see where failing GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is trying to salvage his campaign by pivoting to Marxism. He is calling for the state of Florida to investigate Belgium-based AB InBev on the basis of their recent Bud Light advertisements using a trans character. DeSantis seems to believe that AB InBev breached legal duties to shareholders and that as governor of Florida, “all options are on the table.” Ostensibly, the basis for the nanny state intervention into corporate business decision-making is that the AB InBev stock price fell 2.4% in April (back to it’s January trading value) after the Bud Light marketing triggered some beer-drinking snowflakes, and that the Florida pension fund has a small fraction of its money invested in AB InBev.

That’s not how red-blooded capitalism works. A real capitalist would just disinvest in AB InBev and buy stock in companies that align with their values. How about MyPillow, Truth Social or Bitcoin?

But seriously, this has nothing to do with AB InBev, their stockholders or the Florida retirement fund. That’s just DeSantis flop sweat you smell.