Former Ohio House Speaker Finally sentenced to 20 years

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Former Ohio House speaker sentenced to 20 years in $60 million bribery scheme | CNN Politics, Sydney Kashiwagi.

A Little Background:

FirstEnergy and its executives denied wrongdoing and have not been criminally charged for a scheme to bail the company out.  However, federal investigators say the company secretly funneled millions to various operatives to secure a $1 billion legislative bailout for two unprofitable Ohio nuclear plants operated by a controlled subsidiary called FirstEnergy Solutions.

The Akron-based corporation and CEO Chuck Jones insisted FirstEnergy Corp. had no financial stake in rescuing the plants because they were operated by FirstEnergy Solutions. According to authorities much of the funneled money used to fund the scheme came from the corporation itself.

Bailout bill HB6 allowed FirstEnergy to officially shift ownership of the nuclear plants and two coal-burning power plants to its creditors in federal bankruptcy court in February. Shedding the plants allowed the corporation to focus on its profitable business of powering 6 million customers in Ohio and other states.

Finally, Someone Wised Up

After its bailout-driven success, FirstEnergy’s fortunes took a turn for the worst July 2020.

Federal authorities released a criminal complaint detailing how “Company A” (clear reference to FirstEnergy) spent $60 million to get a well-known Republican named Larry Householder to act on its behalf. The well-funded Ohio’s House speaker used some of the funds to finance his own debt and the bailout passage efforts. The efforts blocking Ohioans from having a say about the legislation at the polls.

As depicted by one lawsuit, “the company’s most senior executives, including its CEO defendant Jones, were directly involved in and oversaw these efforts. Efforts placing the company and its shareholders at extreme risk of legal, reputational and financial harm.” 

In the end, former Ohio House Speaker is sentenced to 20 years in prison for leading racketeering conspiracy involving $60 million in bribes, United States Department of Justice, June 29, 2023. The wheels of Justice most certainly turn slowly.

Some Questions

June of 2023, former Ohio speaker of the House was sentenced to 20 years in prison for taking $61 million in bribes. The bribes were to be used to pass one of the worst anti-climate laws in the nation and pay off some debts. So far, it may be coming, or maybe I have missed it. The the execs of FirstEnergy Corp who orchestrated the bribes have not been charged. Why?

Meanwhile, climate activists around the world are being arrested and jailed left and right for mildly disruptive protest. Here, here, here, here, and here. Why?

Ex-GOP Ohio House speaker sentenced to 20 years for role in $60M bribery scheme; appeal expected | AP News, Jukie Carr Smyth.