DeSantis Has Thrown His Hate Into The Ring. Now What?

LOL ~ Don’t Say Stay …, Homeless on the High Desert, Ten Bears

For a year and ten days I’ve been calling on Disney to Walk. A. Way

You don’t need Florida and its Marielito government, in violation of contracts and agreements dating sixty years. Shut it down, walk away. You’ve made your pile, you don’t need it, unload the liability before it becomes a bigger liability.

Send all those voters to the unemployment line, tourorists home

Noah’s Midnight Meme (May 27th’s Saturday Cartoon)

How filled with contempt and hate for our LGBTQ, black, and brown communities, and women in general does one have to be to still support Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis? The answer is; we’re going to find out. Both DeSantis and his goose-stepping supporters are counting on that hate to see them through the primary season and beyond. The biggest problem DeSantis may have in getting the Domestic Terror Party’s nomination may be that his party is going to keep providing a ton of competition, and I don’t just mean The Diaper Don.

Yes, the Republican Party will always have plenty of candidates who live to sponge up the bigotry and turn it into votes. It’s the GOP way! It’s the blood in their veins. At least in the case of Ron DeSantis, when he says “Make America Like Florida” we have a track record of exactly what he’s going on about and it’s ugly in the extreme.

Meanwhile, DeSantis will go about scaring off more corporations who long to offer the state job creation and billions in corporate investment as he’s done with Disney. Well done, Ron! Well Done! Not only that, but we’ve entered a phase where non-Floridians are rightly being advised not to visit the place due to safety issues and people who live there are starting to think about moving across the border into neighboring Alabama. Alabama!!! You know ya got a problem when Alabama starts to look like a better option! Of course, I do have to wonder which of the two states will be the first to offer state sanctioned book burnings. You know that’s coming. But, I bet Tennessee beats them both on that one. Hell, as I write this, some Republican terror goon in Missouri is already making plans to torch a whole library.