You May Be Wondering About Angry Bear’s Dan

Why hasn’t he been here?

It was maybe a decade ago when I was working for Stone Ridge, an automotive company. I was in Boston visiting a plant and picking up on their purchasing of connectors I was also cost modeling those connectors.

While there, I took an evening to meet Dan Crawford for the first time at a bar which had outside tables. I know we were sampling the beer and maybe we grabbed a burger, I was new to Angry Bear and Dan gave me a chance, I was excited to write here.

Dan and I have been talking back and forth over the last year. Our conversations have been less frequent and shorter. Our last phone conversation was during the last month. Dan is suffering from a cancer which is wearing him down. He is fighting back. I can not say it is bad as he is still putting up a fight. It has to be wearisome.

I don’t have the words to really describe bad or good in his fight. I have hope for the best to occur. If you have some, a few of those prayers may swing the battle too. Dan gave me permission to tell others (Angry Bear) of his fight. Been holding it in . . .

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