Some Conversation About Student Loans

Unfortunately, this did not include the screening of “Loan Wolves.” The clip is approximately 36 minutes long. It includes Alan Collinge of Student Loan Justice who I have known for over a decade. Alan has been on Angry Bear Blog multiple times. He has not given up his, the crusade seeking relief for student loans. “Loan Wolves” Writer and Director Blake Zeff has written for The Onion and Politico besides doing other things. He is the chief instigator of Loan Wolves. Lisa Ansell is an Associate Director at the USC Casden Institute. She must be good as she caught the attention of anti-student loan forgiveness promoters Akers and Cooper.

Majority Leader Chuck Shumer (D-N.Y.) and USC President Dr. Carol L. Folt laid out the main points of a plan:

“For generations, higher education has been a ladder up to the middle class, especially for [minorities],” Schumer said. “But today, student debt is an anchor weighing too many down. Listen to this truly frightening number: Over 43 million Americans owe more than $1.7 trillion in student loan debt. Roughly one in five of them is in default, damaging their finances and credit scores for years — maybe decades.”

Following the University of California’s lead, USC went on to make tuition free for those students whose family income was <$80.000 annually. Other steps followed were not including housing value when considering financial aid. In particular housing value exaggerates the wealth of lower – and middle-class families which is reflected in their calculated net worth tied up in their homes. What I do not believe to be a fair comparison are schools such as Stanford and Harvard offering tuition-free programs up to $150,000 in income.

With regard to Republican politics? Alan has been about to draw a line detailing the proportion of students who come from Republican families. Alan Collinge had this to say to Republicans who oppose Student Loan relief.

“The GOP largely has camped, uninvolved, on the sidelines. They need to take care of their own since 55% of student loan borrowers identify as Republican.”

Alan Collinge has a large number of enlisted student followers in Student Loan Justice giving him the band width to draw such a conclusion and push the issue.

The Youtube clip is thirty-six minutes of introduction inviting listeners to Blake Zeff’s screening of “Loan Wolves.”

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