Iberian Curse

Democracy Under Threat in Peru!

The Long Downtrodden Majority of Peru are Complaining About Being

Governed by a Minority Elite That has Subjugated Them for Some 500 years!

The first headline was the one we read and heard. The second one; too long, too complex.

How can it be that a minority elite of European descent can rule a democracy for 200 years now? By keeping the indigenous majority poor and ill-educated then using the excuse that they are unready for self-governing is one way. By controlling who can run for office, another. How can it be a democracy if your vote doesn’t really count? Seems it is the status quo, not democracy, that is under threat in Peru. Seems a good time to give real democracy a try in Peru.

Ballots can be and often are jiggered. Often, the votes of the rich and powerful count for more while the votes of the working class and poor count for less. Can it really be a democracy when wealth and power get to make the decisions and the votes of the working class only serve to legitimatize this authority? Truth be: around the world democracy is being used to legitimize governments of elites, and in democracies around the world, there is too little equity. Even if free and fair, surely a true democracy would include equity beyond the ballot.

In Peru, climate change is the straw breaking the llama’s back. What was always difficult has become impossible. (In our own America, democracy is being used to legitimize inequity on a scale not seen for more than 100 years. Wealth is used to buy politicians and supreme court justices to do the bidding of the wealthy. How can we even call ourselves a democracy when our government is representative of a wealthy minority and other special interest minorities far, far more than it is the majority? How can it be a democracy when there is so much inequity; when the interests’ of the majority come last? When will our democracy evolve to include equity?) From Chile to Brazil to Peru to Mexico. Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote – One Hundred Years of Solitude. History of five hundred years of dominion — two hundred of those under democracy.