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I am not the only one who sees issues with the way railroad workers are on call 24/7 with any time off being canceled or workers being subject to penalization if missing the call. Biden could have pushed harder to resolve this labor issue. Just like siding with financial issues, Jow Biden sided with Railroad corporate interests.


Infidel753: Tell Biden to do the right thing, Infidel753 Blog, 06 December 2022.

Since Congress voted last week to take away railway workers’ right to strike and force them to accept a work contract without paid sick days (background and links here and here), labor supporters have pushed for Biden to issue an executive order granting the sick time.  So far, he has shown no sign of doing so.  There is now an open letter demanding that he take action, which has already been signed by more than ten thousand people.  You can sign it here; I already have (this also signs you up for an e-mail newsletter, but you can presumably cancel that if you don’t want it).

I don’t know how effective such an effort will be, unless signatures increase into the millions, which seems unlikely since the MSM and even the left-wing internet have been almost completely oblivious to what’s happening.  But every signature helps, and we need to do what we can to keep up the pressure on Biden, in all ways available.  If he doesn’t fix this, the next step may well be an actual rail strike — even though it would now be illegal — which everyone seems to agree would seriously damage the economy.  If that does happen, of course, the blame will rest entirely upon Biden and the trash in Congress who voted against adding sick leave to the contract they were forcing on the workers.

While you’re here, read this post about the working conditions railway employees endure.  This is not safe.  I also note this addendum at the end:

So talking to a Railroad union buddy who just told me there is talk running rampant today.  Based on the Congress decision with no paid sick leave, many that qualify have filed for retirement and there is talk of mass resignations.  The railroaders have been working 3 years without a contract so everyone is going to get a nice big fat back-pay paycheck and then quit.

That would serve the railway companies and the government right.  These guys can’t be arrested for illegal striking if they simply aren’t railway employees any more.  Mass resignations on a large enough scale might cripple the railways and do almost as much economic damage as a strike — which would last indefinitely since, unlike with a strike, the workers who keep things running would never be coming back.  And, again, we all know who will be to blame if this happens.