Applying for Student Loan Debt Relief

If you have not seen this application, you will now. I would urge you to quickly apply for loan relief. Apply for it at the link provided before politician asses find some way to block this. The sooner it gets approved, the quicker the relief. It is not much. Once they approve your application, I doubt they will block the relief to you.

Use this Link Debt Relief | Application | Federal Student Aid to get to an Application for Debt Relief.

What this looks like when you get to the Application

What the “Student Loan Debt Relief Form” Looks Like:

More Information needed, a Signature and How To Submit Directions:

Do NOT use this form. Go to the Link Debt Relief | Application | Federal Student Aid and fill out the form there. These pictures are just to show you what they look like and familiarize you with the format. Angry Bear is NOT associated with Federal Student Loan Aid!

If you have question, please ask. I will try to answer them.

Good Luck and hopefully this is helpful.