Simone Gold Goes to Jail

Interesting story popped up on MedPage Today. “America’s Frontline Doctors’ Simone Gold Gets Prison Time”

On March 3, 2022 Ms. Simone Gold filed a brief confessing (line 10) in United States of America v Simone Gold to being inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6, and regretting going inside.

In a story run on January 12, GOLD gave an interview to The Washington Post where she confessed to being inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6, and stated that she regretted going inside. download (

Anti-vax doctor Simone Gold agrees to plea in Capitol riot case |

March 3, 2022; Here is a more subdued Simone Gold at her first Court Hearing addressing US District Judge Christopher Cooper.

During her plea hearing, Gold, who had also been facing a felony obstruction charge, did not sound like the outspoken activist she’s been in right-wing media over the past year. She was clearly unhappy and sounding on the verge of tears when she was speaking the words,

“I plead guilty.”

However, at the beginning of the hearing, she did manage to pipe up to correct US District Court Judge Christopher Cooper, who had addressed her as “Ms. Gold.” Never one to let people forget about her elite educational background, she informed the judge,

“I never go by MsGold. I always go by Dr. Gold.”

Insurrectionist Doctor Simone Gold Pleads Guilty to Jan. 6 Charges – Mother Jones

Pre – March 3rd, Gold remained active politically and medically. After the March 3rd Hearing and admitting guilt, Judge Cooper warned her he could still sentence her more harshly. In other words, behave . . .

On June 16, Gold was sentenced. Judge Cooper reiterated some of Gold’s arguments and then lauched into his sentencing dialogue.

“But what I haven’t heard is anything about the five people who died that day. Of the four people who committed suicide because of the trauma that they suffered that day at the hands of the mob. Or the members of Congress or the 20-year-old or 25-year-old staffers who were behind those doors when chaos was breaking out all around them and not knowing whether they would be able to go home with their families.”

Cooper told Gold she is “obviously very bright and professionally accomplished, and clearly take great pride in that as you rightfully should.”

But, he said, “that actually counted against her.”

“because you should have known what you were doing. You’re unlike many of the other defendants I see who were misled or hoodwinked into coming to D.C. that day, he said. I think you well knew what you were doing.”

America’s Frontline Doctors’ Simone Gold Gets Prison Time | MedPage Today

After explaining his reasoning and stating Gold’s defense fund raising was an affront to those who died or were injured during the insurrection in which Gold participated, he pronounced sentencing. Judge Cooper went lower than either the DOJ or pretrial services recommendations sentencing Gold to 60 days in jail and a $9,500 fine. The largest individual fine imposed by a judge in a Capitol riot case to date. Gold will remain on supervised release for 12 months after serving her 60-day sentence. 

Some feel privileged and believe they do not have to account for their actions.