Using Section 2 of the 14th Amendment

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No Republican fears Democrats or the use of Section 2 of the 14th Amendment either. Gaetz is still prancing around, McCarthy lies to the public, Eastman writes a memo to VP Pence to nullify state electoral votes, Cawthorn again caught with a pistol at TSA checkpoint, Cruz and Hawley makes stuff up as usual, etc. And marjorie green suffered a loss of memory in administrative court and smirks about it while the observer’s clap or laugh in another instance. Are there no reprisals for poor court room behavior?

To refresh your memory.

“Section 2 is a clause largely unused and forgotten for 154 years. Using it would put representation in the House in jeopardy for states blocking voting. It mandates states lose a portion of their  congressional delegation if they unduly restrict the right to vote.”

Tom Sullivan in his column, “No One Fears Democrats.”

“Sorry, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, but Georgia went too far in rolling back voting rights; your state lost a seat in Congress—and it’s yours.”

So, it is doubtful this will happen. Democrats talk too much rather than do. One can imagine, yes?

If Section 2 of the 14th Amendment was used, what would be the process? I have not been able to define how this would occur. S0, I reached out to a higher authority, a constitutional law attorney, who could answer my question on how this might occur. I assumed it would take the House and the Senate.

In an email exchange, here is what was said:

“Congress clearly has the power under Section 2 of the 14th Amendment that you identify.  Yet, there also is the reality that given the political realities, Congress is unlikely to act.  Republican Senators surely would filibuster and block anything Democrats would try to do.

Section 3 is fascinating, and it is interesting to see the attempts to invoke it, including against Greene.”

Time is running out for Democrats. Even with the good economy they have created during the Covid pandemic, people do not realize how good things are when compared to 2008 when Wall Street blew the economy up and Main Street paid for it.


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