Section 2 of the 14th Amendment

Congressional Representative Marjorie Green is playing cat and mouse with an Administrative Judge who took to questioning her as her memory keeps failing on certain things she has said in the past. Green was continuously reminded of past comments to the point of her being declared a “hostile witness.”

CNN — Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia was in court on Friday over past social media posts and commentary advocating violence to Pelosi, Democrats, etc. The hearing in Atlanta is to determine if barring Greene from reelection is proper and constitutional. This comes from her alleged role in the January 6 insurrection and making comments on shooting Pelosi, etc.

Marjorie could be disqualified for office resulting from the Hearing unless Congress grants her relief.

Section 2 is another part to the 14th Amendment. Below and to the left, you will see the text of Section 2. To the right, you will see an interpretation of the text.

No one fears Democrats. For good reason. – Digby’s Hullabaloo (, Tom Sullivan

Pulling from the New Republic, Tom Sullivan has an interesting column at Digby’s Hullabaloo stating Congress penalizes states blocking voters. Imagine for a moment, if Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi dusted off the 14th amendment and decided to impose section 2. I am assuming this would come after a vote.

“Section 2 is a clause largely unused and forgotten for 154 years. Using it would put representation in the House in jeopardy for states blocking voting. It mandates states lose a portion of their congressional delegation if they unduly restrict the right to vote.

So, why not use Section 2 of the 14th Amendment? I have not been able to define how this occurs. I am reaching out to a higher authority who can answer my question on how this might occur.

Like Tom said in his title, “No One Fears Democrats.” So, it is doubtful this will happen. Democrats talk too much rather than do.

“Sorry, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, but Georgia went too far in rolling back voting rights; your state lost a seat in Congress—and it’s yours.”