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I always tour the sites to catch the news about what is happening in the world today. You should have access to these articles if interested. The blockade by truckers is here, SCOTUS, truckers and supply chain, Seniors, etc. An occasional opinion expressed.

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About those right wing [tr]uckers,” Digby, Hullabaloo

Features Brian Beutler’s Big Tent , The Northern Blights

“You’ve no doubt heard by now about the right-wing, anti-vaccine truckers who’ve caused quite a truckus made life hell in Canada, and even in parts of the U.S., by blockading cities and shutting down shipping arteries that cross the northern border.

Their stridency and persistence, to say nothing of the media’s soft-touch fascination with them, might make it seem as though these men (mostly men, anyhow) and their lawless actions grew out of widespread Canadian opposition to the country’s vaccination requirements; that they express Canada’s true national character, even if most Canadians would never go to their lengths.”

The rest of the majority Canadian 90% vaccinated truckers seem to be pissed at these truckers. If they have any support base at all, it’s among U.S. Republicans.

“COVID-19 truck blockade in Canada shuts down Ford plant,” AP, Rob Gillies and Tom Krisher

One would think actions to stock more inventory during a pandemic would go a long way to ensuring continual production to meet customer demand. But then, we are a captured audience. Top management can pass the costs along to all forgiving customers. Lean manufacturing has to be shelved for now or lean might mean 4-6 weeks on hand to keep from being held captive.

Right of Way,” Big Tent”

Right-wing men in America can’t get away with literally everything. When they plot to kidnap a Democratic governor, they go to jail as happened in Michigan. When they film themselves, or get caught on someone else’s camera, laying siege to Congress and assaulting Capitol police, they generally go to jail. When the Congressman of a rather large forehead commits sex trafficking and makes it with an underage girl; he or they stays in Congress and may eventually go to jail. We are still talking about Matt, “forehead” Gaetz a year after all of this came to America. My pretty wife’s Uncle Bananas would have been looking for him. I met Uncle Tony, a union rep in NYC. You just have to know, I was being checked out.

The Supreme Court’s ‘Dead Hand,’” The Atlantic

“The six Republican appointed Supreme Court justices have been nominated and confirmed by GOP presidents and senators representing the voters least exposed, and often most hostile, to the demographic and cultural changes remaking 21st-century American life. Now the GOP Court majority is moving at an accelerating pace to impose that coalition’s preferences on issues such as abortion, voting rights, and affirmative action.

Sarah Warbelow, the legal director for the Human Rights CampaignThe Court seems to be pulling the United States back into a prior era without regard for changing notions and understandings of equity, equality, and fairness.”

The Supreme Court Seems to Think Discrimination Is When You Try to Remedy Discrimination,” Adam Server

The right-wing majority on the Supreme Court continues its run of nullifying constitutional rights by shadow docket, while insisting that it is doing no such thing.

On Monday, the SCOTUS blocked a ruling by a panel of three federal judges, two of whom were appointed by President Donald Trump. The finding being Alabama violating the Voting Rights Act when it drew a congressional map. Only one majority – Black district out of seven rather than two, in a state where Black people make up more than a quarter of the population. Five of the justices disagreed with the lower court’s decision, but only Justice Brett Kavanaugh explained his rationale in an opinion joined by Samuel Alito, arguing that complying with the 15th Amendment would just be too much work.

Older adults can blame ‘clutter’ for difficulties with memory (msn.com), Sarah Sloat

“There’s a paradox in memory science: Empirical evidence and life experience both suggest older adults have more knowledge of the world. However, in laboratory settings, they generally perform worse on memory tests than younger adults. What can explain the disparity?

The answer might be “clutter,” according to a review of memory studies published Friday in the journal Trends in Cognitive Science.“

Certainly, something to be considered. I find myself attempting to remember things which I know I know.

“Behold the Electric Fueling Station of the Future” (treehugger.com)

“Treehugger has noted previously that the time it takes to charge an electric car could be a business opportunity, with the development of sophisticated and entertaining rest stops like the “michi no eki” they have in Japan. Many appear to be thinking about this including Electric Autonomy Canada (EAC), “an independent news platform reporting on Canada’s transition to electric vehicles, autonomous transportation and new mobility services.”

There’s a Problem With How We Train Truckers (msn.com)

“when the final rules were released in 2016, a minimum number of behind-the-wheel hours had been dropped. The agency said it was not able to find data that proved the value of such training and that it was important to avoid imposing extra training costs on proficient drivers. (In the same document, the agency acknowledged that 38% of commercial motor vehicle drivers said they did not receive adequate entry-level training to safely drive a truck under all road and weather conditions, according to a 2015 survey from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.)”

How American Shopping Broke the Supply Chain | Time

This is old news. If this comes as a surprise to you, you were probably sleeping. It is also not 100% accurate.

As Americans went on a spending spree this year and the ports filled with imports, clogging the supply chain, trucks started dumping shipping containers in Wilmington so they could go back to the ports and pick up more to relieve the backlog. The 40-foot containers, which can weigh four tons, are hulking feet from residents’ kitchen windows and blocking the driveways where their children ride bicycles. They’re piled six or seven high in storage yards where they dwarf small churches and homes.

He Donated His Kidney and Received a $13,064 Bill in Return (msn.com)

 One example of why we need single payer.

“Living organ donors are never supposed to receive a bill for care related to a transplant surgery. The recipient’s insurance covers all of those costs. This rule is key to a system built on encouraging such a selfless act. And for most uninsured patients in end-stage kidney failure, Medicare would pick up the tab. But in Malin’s case, he would end up facing a $13,000 billing mistake and the threat of having his bill sent to collections.”

Protesting The Limits,”

Washington Post’s Greg Sargent has monitored the manufactured panic over critical race theory and school masking rules and the liberal response to both. His conclusion is pretty depressing.

“Much discussion among Democrats of how to approach those matters seems to envision mostly an array of defensive commentary in response. Avoid talking about them at all to aggressively calling out the left with a Sister Souljah-type attack for foisting activist terminology on the party.

There is little discussion of how Democrats might hold Republicans politically accountable for the deeper national aims their tactics reflect, and the harms they’re inflicting on our national life.”

Crimes A wastin’ Big Tent

This week and in addition to habitually destroying presidential records, we learned Trump also stole troves of them when he left the White House for Mar-a-Lago, including some unknown number of classified documents. We also learned that it’s “not yet clear” whether Merrick Garland’s Justice Department will investigate what by every appearance is blatant criminal activity. Lump it together with the warmed over Mark Meadows contempt citation, Trump’s attempt to shake Brad Raffensperger down for fake votes, the absence of Trump accountability for obstructing justice, etc. We would be naive not to wonder how much of his reluctance to enforce the law against prominent right-wing criminals is driven by fear.