What We Still Do Not Know about Emmett Till

In 1955, just past daybreak, a Chevrolet truck pulled up to an unmarked building. A 14-year-old child was in the back.

The article is part of “Inheritance,” a project about American history and Black life.. It is a good offering by The Atlantic, “His Name Was Emmett Till,” Wright Thompson

A weathered barn near Drew, Mississippi, surrounded by trees and green grass
Depicted is the Barn where Emmet Till was strung up, beaten, and murdered on August, 28, 1955, What We Still Don’t Know About Emmett Till’s Murder – The Atlantic, Hannah Price

Introduction: “The killing of Emmett till was early on the morning of August 28, 1955. Occurring, one month and three days after his 14th birthday. The decision to show his body in an open casket was his mother’s. Allowing Jet magazine to publish photos and “Letting the world see what I’ve seen,” she said became a call to action.

Three months after his murder, Rosa Parks kept her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama bus. She later told Mamie Till that she’d been thinking of Emmett when she refused to move. Almost 60 years later, after Trayvon Martin was killed, Oprah Winfrey channeled the thoughts of many Americans in evoking the memory and the warning of Emmett Till.”

An Excellent Read