Oklahoma Teachers Purge Statehouse of Their Enemies

“For nearly a decade, Republican officials have been treating ordinary Oklahomans like the colonial subjects of an extractive empire. On Governor Mary Fallin’s watch, fracking companies have turned the Sooner State into the earthquake capital of the world; dictated policy to her attorney general; and strong-armed legislators into giving them a $470 million tax break — in a year when Oklahoma faced a $1.3 billion budget shortfall.”

The state went from having 3 earthquakes a year to greater than 500 earthquakes per year as caused by the amounts of liquid being pumped back into the ground in disposal wells.

The Oklahoma AG happened to be the former EPA Chief Scott Pruitt who took a letter from Devon Energy’s William Whitsitt, put it on his letterhead, and sent it to the EPA.

What angered the Oklahoma teachers? “Between 2008 and 2015, Oklahoma’s slashed its per-student education spending by 23.6 percent.”

August 28, the Oklahoma’s GOP primary season came to an end. Teachers beat the billionaires in a rout. Nineteen Republicans voted against raising taxes to increase teacher pay last spring and only four will be on the ballot this November.

Oklahoma Teachers Just Purged the Statehouse . . . , Daily Intelligenter, August 29, 2018