I live in Michigan, a state which felt in its infinite Republican legislator wisdom it was important to remove all input from the cities, counties, and townships and leave the industry unfettered with any controlling influence. For those who are worried about capitalism and free enterprise if you own the land, there is such a thing called the 5th Amendment and a “Takings” which covers denial of an owner the legitimate use of their land. Michigan Zoning and Planning Commissions do take note of “Takings”.

Some might call this NIMBY on the part of locals; but, it is important to get their input as they end up with what is left over after the Fracking Companies leave their backyards with the residue, water contamination from spills and leakage, and how the contaminants are handled. Michigan has always moves slowly to correct the issues of big business and does not live up to its motto “Pure Michigan.”

Spoko at Hullabaloo took note of one particular Commission meeting:

As noted in the article, what I have seen at commission meetings as a Planner, and with the actions of the state to deny local input and decision making:

instead of attacking the oil and gas corporations for rigging the game or pressuring the governor to pack the Nebraska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission with oil men, he blames government. Yes, the procedural tricks to keep the hearings off the record, and not subject to popular control are ‘government,’ but it takes some smart lobbyists to get those laws passed in the first place.

Pay attention to how this good old boy Fracker makes his point with one of the Commissioners. “Would you drink the water? Oh, you can’t answer questions?” I wish we had some people like this at our meetings.