Social Security Defender Shared Files

Who or what is ‘Social Security Defender’? Well it is basically a G-mail account controlled by me: . Which is kind of pretentious and vainglorious on my part but does allow a platform for some attached products including the blog Social Security Defender and a Google Drive. In which as an experiment I have created a Public Folder called Social Security Defender Shared Files into which I plan to save any number of official SSA and CBO Reports and tables and figures extracted from them. So if this works you should be able to Bookmark/Favorite the link and have a one stop location for lots of Social Security resources.

As of this moment the folder includes a PDF of the 2014 Report, folders containing TIFFs and PNGs of the various Figures from that Report, plus maybe a copy of my 2014 SocSec Report Tables Workbook which might or might not open for you in Excel or be able to be saved to your own Google Drive to open in whatever. I have been wanting and planning to ramp up Social Security Defender into an integrated product supporting the blog, a Google+ site, and file sharing for about four years but given that the enemies of Social Security had simply gone on hiatus recently put the project on the back burner. Well THEY’RE BACK!!! and attacking via the Disability program. So here we go.

Feedback and advice can be left in comments or sent to the g-mail address. Thanks.