Competing GOP Tax proposals Graphic

An organization that is called: American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches has put up a summary graphic of the various tax proposals ofthe GOP candidates. It not only notes the major points of their plans, but what their plans would cost.

It is presented in a sort of game board race layout. The Institute introduces it thusly:

The US tax code is so complexeven those who write the law don’t understand all of it. Infact, few members of Congress prepare their annual tax returnsaccording to a survey by the congressional newspaper, “The Hill.” Politicians cite the complexity of the tax code as the primary reasonleading them to turn to professionals for help. Even theCommissioner of the IRS can’t prepare his own tax returns!

Ask most taxpayers and theyagree our current system is too complicated and unfair. So there’sno easier way for a politician to gain approval than to say thecurrent system should be eliminated.

It’s no surprise theRepublican presidential candidates have come out with somewide-ranging tax proposals. Even deciphering the content ofthese plans can be a challenge, so we took it upon ourselves toidentify how the GOP hopefuls’ differ and just what is in them.

Click on the AICTC link to see their take. The image is too big to post here. (Thanks C & L)