Unemployment extensions end soon

NELP (National Employment Law Project) notes:

For administrative reasons, states need to shut down their extended unemployment programs in advance of the federal government’s Nov. 30 cut-off. NELP estimates that 800,000 people will lose unemployment benefits in the coming weeks and 2 million workers will lose their benefits by December if Congress fails to act.

The Columbus Dispatch puts the ending of benefits another way:

Nearly 40 percent of Ohioans receiving jobless benefits will exhaust their unemployment by the end of December unless Congress agrees to continue funding extended benefits.

Main Street Alliance small business owners write:

“Get a job – any job. Don’t wait for a good one, take anything you can get.” So goes the refrain. But that advice denies the reality of this recession and its impact on the job market. And it obscures the realities of how employers go about hiring people.

There simply aren’t enough jobs out there for the vast majority of the unemployed. There are so few jobs available that even if someone could wave a magic wand and instantly fill every job opening with someone who is unemployed, four out of five of the jobless would still be out of work.

Equally important, those telling the unemployed to “get a job, any job” fail to grasp the realities of hiring. Employers want the most qualified candidate for the job, not the most over-qualified candidate…The costs associated with employee turnover are significant and businesses, especially small businesses, can’t afford to waste resources on another job search and training someone yet again.