Outsourced within the USA

What do you think of a job that use to pay $13/hr, three years latter paying that same person now $11/hour? What do you think of that same job having other people being paid $9.56/hr.

It is a union hospital job cleaning rooms after the patient goes home. Cleaning as in washing walls, floor, beds, etc. It includes doing “trash and linen”; collecting the bags of linen and throwing them into a cage that gets piled high, throwing trash into a dumpster but, not on a regular bases. They have a young man for that. Just one man for the heavy work during the week. He’s on vacation. They have another male, but only on weekends (works 2 jobs, 49 yrs old). He’s had enough. He’s leaving.

They are not allowed to strike as they are considered essential to the operations. The company can not keep help, especially male help.

We hear about people having downsized their incomes when they have to make a change of job, but this is a downsizing within the same employment. How did this happen? The hospital outsourced the maintenance and then the company was sold…not to an outside the nation company.

My brother-in-law use to earn $80,000/yr. They cut his job. He ended up working for a company that filled a contract that a second company had for a third company who outsourced the department to the second company. He was paid $45,000/yr, was part of a team of 5 who replaced 15 people who were all making what he use to make.

Maybe it’s time we start understanding that “outsourcing” is not just a process of moving a job out of the country. It is also a shell game within the country.