Neither Fiscal Restraint Nor National Security

Two of the most dishonest expressions among George Bush’s standard rants are “giving you your money back” and “priorities”. How else would one explain the following two stories. The AP reports:

In both the House and Senate, Democrats have long pushed for more money for ports only to have the Republican-controlled Congress reject their efforts, largely along party lines. House Democrats are making another attempt this week now that the issue is fresh in lawmakers’ minds because of the DP World deal.

The New York Times reports:

Senate Republicans on Tuesday narrowly defeated an effort to impose budget rules that would make it harder to increase spending or cut taxes, a move that critics said that showed Republicans were posturing in their calls for greater fiscal restraint … But Republicans said the push to add the rules to the budget was a back-door effort to make it harder to extend President Bush’s tax cuts.

It was a tax deferral – not a tax cut.