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Lew’s Senate Finance hearing as Treasury Nominee

by Linda Beale Lew’s Senate Finance hearing as Treasury Nominee Jack Lew, former budget director under Clinton and Obama and former Obama chief of staff, answered questions at Senate Finance today in his bid to succeed Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary.  See, e.g., Rubin & Klimasinska, Lew Says He Didn’t Know Money-Losing Investment Was in […]

Are Lanny Breuer and Eric Holder taking the hit for … Tim Geithner? UPDATED

After reading Ken Houghton’s post immediately below, and then clicking on the Twitter exchange that Ken, Dan and Yves referenced, in which the Frontline reporter, Martin Smith, said he’d received a call from the Justice Department saying that the reporter had come with an agenda and that the Obama Justice Department would not again cooperate […]