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Trump’s VA Plans Look Too Much Like Biden’s VA Reality

Since I use the VA, I find this message by Suzanne and Steve to be discerning. I had thought with the changes in leadership, the VA would begin to act like a VA and take back all of the programs which were being out sourced to external expensive healthcare. Study after study has shown, VA […]

Seniors’ Medicare Benefits Are Being Privatized Without Their Consent

An Introduction Ok, What is or who is The Lever? “The Lever, formerly known as The Daily Poster, is a reader-supported investigative news outlet that holds accountable the people and corporations manipulating the levers of power. The organization was founder and owner is David Sirota, an award-winning journalist and Oscar-nominated writer who served as the presidential campaign […]

More to the Story on Killing the VHA

run75441: Ater I posted my article on the VA, it received a comment from Suzanne Gordon who writes on healthcare and has covered VA healthcare at her blog and also at American Prospect; Unfriendly Fire Fall 2015. Unfriendly Fire discusses the VHA coming under severe criticism from Libertarian ideologues and conservative right wing politicians even […]