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It’s not how rich we are, it’s how equal we are.

This is a 16 minute * lecture by Richard Wilkinson. It is posted at TED. I am posting it here, as I can not believe this information has not received more attention now that the US is awakening from the decades long delusion of prosperity which did not and as shown in the lecture could […]

In Related News, Lee Papa Will Be Selling Obscenity Insurance

Via Lindsay Beyerstein on Twitter, The Onion should now go out of business: AIG knows a thing or two about bad publicity. Now, a subsidiary of the bailed-out insurer is offering a new type of coverage to defray the cost of bringing in outside experts when a company faces a potential public-relations crisis. That’s right. […]

Guest post: Why Means Testing Social Security Benefits Is More Trouble Than It’s Worth

Guest post by Nancy Ortiz (Rdan here…Nancy is a long time reader of Angry Bear and has worked within the Social Security system professionally) One of the many fixes now being considered as a remedy for Social Security and Medicare’s projected shortfalls is means testing benefits. The rationale is that rich people shouldn’t get SS […]

Billions for Bankers, Nothing for the Housing

Good Thing We Have Deficit Hawks in Congress: The tenants were all living low-rent under a program that’s beginning to expire – but had been promised they could still qualify for a federal Section 8 rent subsidy. But this week, when many of them began to show up at New York City Housing Authority offices, […]

Welfare vs Social Insurance in the USA

Robert Waldmann Among experts, there is a widespread view that people in the USA support social insurance an oppose welfare. It is a fact that they support social security old age and disability pensions and hated AFDC. It is suspected that describing social security as a pension plan with mandatory participation is part of the […]