Billions for Bankers, Nothing for the Housing

Good Thing We Have Deficit Hawks in Congress:

The tenants were all living low-rent under a program that’s beginning to expire – but had been promised they could still qualify for a federal Section 8 rent subsidy.

But this week, when many of them began to show up at New York City Housing Authority offices, which accepts the vouchers and administers the subsidy, they were told the program was kaput….

NYCHA Chairman John Rhea Thursday blamed the move – which could push thousands into the city’s already crowded shelters – on Congress, a lower-than-usual attrition rate in the program and unprecedented demand….

More than half the vouchers – 1,833 – had been given to families and individuals who were once homeless.

Rhea, a former investment banker who took over the agency this year, said Congress didn’t set aside enough money to run the program through the end of the year.

Congress took $58 million from the authority in May from funds that were earmarked for Section 8, Rhea said. [link to Rhea appointment added]

Good to see responsible budgeting only means putting 3,000 families out on the streets just in time for the first big snowstorm of the year.