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Small businesses and drive the economy?

Taxprofblog points to research suggesting a tipping point about the notion that small businesses drive the economy: Martin A. Sullivan (Tax Analysts), New Research Weakens Case for Small Business Tax ReliefThe National Federation of Independent Business states on its website: “Small business has created about two of every three net new jobs in the United […]

This is the reality of a real small business

By Daniel Becker This is a bit of an interlude in my writing regarding the income tax of yore. Though, this does involve taxation. This is also a continuation in my postings regarding real world small business experiences. Yes, you are going to get to read about a real situation that involves a real small […]

Small Business=Fraud, Countercyclical Planning, MMT, and Other Economics Catch-up

Note:This was going to be short pieces about things I missed during a week of illness. It turned into a Very Long Piece riffing on two posts from Capital Gains and Games. And that’s without even mentioning the bravura work Stan Collender is doing there: see, for instance, this note that a deficit reduction bill […]

Dealing with the Sunset of the Bush Tax Cuts (Part IV in a series)–the Tax Relief Coalition

by Linda Bealecrossposted with Ataxingmatter Dealing with the Sunset of the Bush Tax Cuts (Part IV in a series)–the Tax Relief Coalition The Tax Relief Coalition–another of the myriad anti-tax groups comprised of Grover Norquist’s group and those of similar ideology–is at it again with a letter to Congress (available on BNA) urging the passage […]

Quote of the Day, Economic Recovery Edition II

David Wessel goes to a familiar source: One big reason is that his efforts have made borrowing easy for big companies, those that can sell bonds, but not for consumers or smaller firms that rely on banks to borrow. “If you’re a large corporation relying on capital markets, the Fed and Treasury saved you,” says […]

Small Business topic

rdan H/T Naked Capitalism for this New York Times article concerning the loan program established in May to help small businesses as part of the stimulus program. With $255 million, the program is prepared to make about 10,000 loans of up to $35,000 each. As of Monday, the agency reported that only 1,127 loans, totaling […]

The myth of the argument is in the conflation

By: Divorced one like Bush I am responding to a post put up at Crooks and Liars: The McCain campaign small business myth. It presents that the myth is found in the number of small businesses in existance and what percentage of them earns $250,000 or more. I love C and L, but this is […]

Discretionary Income? Maybe, but it ain’t being spent (or maybe it already is?)

I am member of AAII (American Association of Individual Investors). They send out their Investor survey results every week. This weeks:Bullish 25.58% Long term avg. 39.3%Neutral 21.71% Long term avg. 31.9%Bearish 52.71% Long term avg. 28.8% We have all read exuberant stories about how wonderful Black Friday was. The WSJ is doing it’s part to […]