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Tax Rates v. Real GDP Growth Rates, a Scatter Plot

by Mike Kimel Tax Rates v. Real GDP Growth Rates, a Scatter PlotCross posted at the Presimetrics blog. This post was submitted by Kaleberg. In this post, I will look at the relationship between top marginal income tax rates and real GDP growth using a scatter plot. I am inordinately fond of scatter plots. The […]

Government Site to Check

Mish sends us to “Track the Money,”’s breakdown of where funds have been sent and spent. He’s not happy, but I suspect he’s suffering the Jared Bernstein Problem: only looking at one side of the equation. But—and this is the key “but”—the reason it is right to do that is that ARRA money has […]

Spencer on Industrial Production Report

I’m on vacation, but had time to notice with all that is going on in the financial markets nobody noticed that industrial production fell 1.1% in August. Moreover, the June and July data were revised down. This is another observation supporting the analysis that third quarter real GDP growth will be very weak and maybe […]


There’s a graph I put up a few times, and it always leads to comments and e-mails from folks on the right. Its this one, showing growth rates in real GDP per capita over the length of each Presidency starting with Ike: The response goes more or less as follows: 1. JFK and LBJ presided […]