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The Unbearable Tightness of Peaking

– Sandwichman @ Econospeak The Unbearable Tightness of Peaking Sandwichman came across a fascinating and disconcerting new dissertation, titled “Carbon Purgatory: The Dysfunctional Political Economy of Oil During the Renewable Energy Transition” by Gabe Eckhouse. An adaptation of one of the chapters, dealing with fracking, was published in Geoforum in 2021 As some of you may know, […]

Energy Bulletin…impact of oil prices on advanced countries

Spencer England writes: This article is worth reading – it is at two sources:  Energy Bulletin and Financial Times…is peak oil dead? The marginal price of new oil is now in the $70 to $90 — where WTI has bottomed at its last three corrections. If we are at a bottom for the real price of oil and the […]