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Is the $8.5 billion Foreclose and Fraud Settlement Enough of a Penalty?

by run75411 Update: Besides not prosecuting particulars who promulgated much of 2008, what makes this settlement bad is letting banks off the hook: “In the settlement announced Monday between the Federal Reserve, the Comptroller of the Currency and ten of the largest banks and other mortgage providers, the government gives up the right to prosecute banks […]

Inadequate monitoring

The Washington Post carried a story on a Senate hearing on money laundering, one example being HSBC. The criticism was aimed at the OCC regulators who failed to pursue the issue.  Also notice the fuss is over a foreign bank. The U.S. affiliate of global banking giant HSBC was for years a haven for foreign […]

OCC non-regulation keeps momentum going for Citi bank

rdan Seeking Alpha’s Matthew Goldstein notes that the OCC is continuing the last decade of regulatory non-action. The OCC, in its quarterly derivatives report, routinely notes that the Big Four “have the resources needed to be able to operate this business in a safe and sound manner.” In other words, the biggest banks are best […]

OCC and Model Validation Part 2

FIRE reports: “The securities industry is an economic powerhouse that continues to strengthen the U.S. economy,” said Securities Industry Association President Marc Lackritz. “SIA data shows that last year alone, we raised a record $3.2 trillion of capital for American business and nearly $14 trillion over the past five, underscoring our substantial contribution to overall […]

OCC and Model Validation Part 1

Comptroller Dugan Underscores Bank Responsibility for Model Validation WASHINGTON Feb. 3, 2006 – Comptroller of the Currency John C. Dugan said today that responsibility for validating the models banks use to manage credit risk and other critical activities lies first and foremost with the institution itself. “Just as good management requires this kind of attention […]

OCC links

The Office of Currency Control has a website to explore. National bank subsidiaries monitored by OCC tend to be mortgage companies. The link is to the long list of matching trade names to the correct national bank, and in which state the subsidiary operates. The Securities Exchange Commission has a listing of proposed rule changes […]

OCC watch

This site dedicated to OCC watching offers a little background for us in the changes being made with banking rules. In January, 2004 the OCC issued two related and sweeping rules, one preempting nearly all state and local consumer laws (the “preemption rule”) [69 Fed. Reg. 1904 (2004)] and the other restricting nearly all enforcement […]

Spitzer and the OCC – Who you gonna call?

OCC press release WASHINGTON Feb. 14, 2008 — Comptroller of the Currency John C. Dugan issued the following statement today, responding to comments from New York Governor Eliot Spitzer:Almost everyone who has paid attention to the subprime lending crisis has concluded that OCC-regulated national banks were not the problem. Instead, the worst abuses came from […]