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Solow on Friedman’s 1968 Presidential Address and the Medium Run

Mark Thoma had this up on Facebook. and pulled this from Tim Taylor’s Conversable Economist. It is an interesting read. “Fifty years ago in 1968, Milton Friedman’s Presidential Address to the American Economic Association set the stage for battles in macroeconomics that have continued ever since. The legacy of the talk has been important enough […]

“The Rivals: Paul Samuelson and Milton Friedman arrive at the University of Chicago – in 1932”

The Rivals: Paul Samuelson and Milton Friedman arrive at the University of Chicago – in 1932 A really important intellectual history of American Economics since 1932 from Economic Principals which self-describes as “A WEEKLY COLUMN ABOUT ECONOMICS AND POLITICS, FORMERLY OF THE BOSTON GLOBE, INDEPENDENT SINCE 2002, David Warsh, proprietor” For those like me who […]

Social Security and Me: Ayn Rand, the Four Freedoms, the Road to Serfdom and the Leninist Strategy

What the —! Well it occured to me, and not for the first time, that a lot of people really don’t understand my Social Security project and particularly what even some of my friends and allies think is a narrow focus on the nuts, bolts and numbers of Social Security financial reporting. It seems to […]

No laboring in economics

by: Divorced one like Bushat the beach on vacation Ha! Gee the economics profession is ignoring labor. I wonder why. Could it be who we follow? It’s not like we don’t quote old Adam often. Free market and ghost hand ideas are mentioned all the time as we follow Milton: According to The Economist, Friedman […]