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The Inequality Gap

by Linda Beale The Inequality Gap Robert Reich, former labor secretary, has some worthwhile advice for the President’s State of the Union address:  he notes that the focus should be the “central issue you want the nation to help you take action on”.  That’s “not immigration, guns or the environment” (though “[a]ll are important”) but […]

The National Health

I wasn’t going to mention Melissa Mia Hall’s death here—this is economics and politics, not sf—but now it is clear that, as usual, there is an overlap: If she had seen the doctor, most likely he would have suspected more than a pulled muscle and would have ordered a life-saving EKG. As Texas lawyer, writer […]

My Kids Have School Today: An Inequality Survey

The kids in the next town over don’t.  Indeed, the place where my Eldest Daughter’s swim team practices is closed because it’s a holiday, and their schools are.  But not here: the banks are closed, the government offices are closed, the local libraries are closed. (Heck, the New York Public Library is closed.)  But the […]