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What my brain wants to do: Bank capitalisation, stress testing, book value, and discussion of other data that clearly indicates the need for the nationalisation of several LARGE banks. What my brain is currently capable of doing: The cheerleader who saves the world? Hayden Pantierre (Heroes) George W. Bush (ex-President of the USA) Christy Carlin […]

Maybe Songsmith isn’t Completely Useless after all

After the first round, I was convinced that Microsoft’s songsmith was at best, a way to produce mash-ups for the tonally impaired. Kieran Healy has convinced me otherwise, with this piece: capitalism in action, set to music: I believe this is what we meant when we talked about “creative destruction,” back in the days when […]

Assume They Know What an Acronym Is

I am reliably informed (though I cannot find it on the web) that Forbes yesterday and MSNBC today are both referring to the next kleptocratic maneuverbank bailout bill as the Bank Asset Recovery Fund. Anyone got the links? UPDATE: Forbes link added. UPDATE II: The consensus in comments appears to be that a Meredith Whitney […]

Can you help?

Please open your 1040 and ask your accoutant to add something extra to your tax payments. Please? by: Divorced one like Bush

Quote of the Day (though from four days ago)

Chris Dillow, beginning a post about legal avenues to reduce prostitution: If a man wants quick, unfulfilling sex with a woman who despises him, he should get married. The rest is one of Dillow’s usual rational exigeses of the vagaries of “rational” policy making. Tell me again about how Micro makes more sense than Macro.

Tom Toles is a Priceless National Treasure, Volume X

Though the claim made may not be true, the sentiment seems real: Update: Brad DeLong apparently beat me to publishing this one by about 40 minutes. I blame my trying to use a Mac, but it’s nice to know neither of us got it from the WaPo website, where it was up yesterday.