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Health Care Thoughts: Physicians "Rationing" Health Care

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt Health Care Thoughts: Physicians “Rationing” Health Care   Nine physician panels have recommended less testing of patients presenting with various conditions and diseases and less treatment for some diagnosis.   For Details: New York Times Much of this is low hanging fruit, such as using less antibiotics for sinusitis. Some of this […]

Comparative Effectiveness Research

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) may have inadvertently lost credibility even before health care reform is actually launched. CER is the darling of the government-dominated health reform movement (not a government take-over, to be clear). The use of evidence-based medicine when combined with cost-benefit analysis has the potential to save a […]

Five Myths about health care

rdan 5 myths about health care round the world by By T.R. Reid, Commentary, Washington Post (hat tip Mark Thoma) …I’ve traveled the world … to see how other developed democracies provide health care. Instead of dismissing these models as “socialist,” we could adapt their solutions to fix our problems. To do that, we first […]