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American v. Brazilian Healthcare, a Continuing Series

by Mike Kimel American v. Brazilian Healthcare, a Continuing Series I spoke to my sister on Skype last night. She’s been in Natal, in Northeastern Brazil, for the past few months. Last week, she noticed a couple small warts growing on her leg. So she wandered down to a government run hospital and and had […]

Prostate Cancer Advance, and Europeans Free Riding on American Research

by Mike Kimel There’s a story going around in the news about a new prostate cancer drug. Here’s press release: A life-extending new drug to treat patients with advanced prostate cancer, developed by The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and The Royal Marsden Hospital, has received its UK license. Abiraterone acetate, marketed by Janssen under […]

The Best Health Care System in the World

For the record, both my daughters were vaccinated today, under government supervision at no cost to us, in a procedure that took less than 10 minutes—including getting a five-year-old to take her coat off and, post shot, put it on again. Via Felix Salmon’s Twitter feed, without further comment. (cross-posted from Skippy the Bush Kangaroo)

Five Myths about health care

rdan 5 myths about health care round the world by By T.R. Reid, Commentary, Washington Post (hat tip Mark Thoma) …I’ve traveled the world … to see how other developed democracies provide health care. Instead of dismissing these models as “socialist,” we could adapt their solutions to fix our problems. To do that, we first […]