Health Care Thoughts: Physicians "Rationing" Health Care

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt

Health Care Thoughts: Physicians “Rationing” Health Care  
Nine physician panels have recommended less testing of patients presenting with various conditions and diseases and less treatment for some diagnosis.  

For Details: New York Times

Much of this is low hanging fruit, such as using less antibiotics for sinusitis. Some of this is old news, my physician altered his cardiac and prostate screening years ago

Other recommendations may be more controversial. In 2009 evidenced based recommendations to do less breast cancer screening were met with a firestorm of criticism. Current recommendations to do less cancer screening may meet a similar fate.
There will be another controversy, whether or not these guidelines would protect a physician using conservative treatment protocols from malpractice suits. In my experience, probably not.
Eventually payment bundling and new payment schemes may accomplish the “rationing” via a different route.
Stay tuned.