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Man Bites Dog

Newt Gingrich tells the truth. “the individual mandate was originally developed by the Heritage Foundation and others, as a way to block Hillarycare.” Firebaggers argue that the PPACA is conservative, because it is similar to a Heritage Foundation proposal. They neglect to note that the proposal was made in bad faith. The point was to […]

A little OWS, a little 99%, a little history

So today I read at the Yahoo Finance (it’s my home page because I can look at the stock numbers on the left and read the headline on the right for a guaranteed laugh) that  John Mauldin thinks the OWS would be better off if they occupiedCongress: Mauldin believes America still has time to figure […]

Guest post: Massachussetts leads the way!

Guest post by Michael Halasy Practicing Emergency Medicine PA, Health Policy Analyst, and Health Services Researcher Massachussetts leads the way We have talked about bundled payments here, and getting rid of the antiquated and inefficient fee for service model. It looks like Massachussetts is on board suggests The Washington Post. Blue Cross is not alone. […]

HEALTH CARE: Bureaucrats Gone Insane

Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt HEALTH CARE: BUREAUCRATS GONE INSANE (topic update) President Obama wants health care provider to invest in electronic medical records networked in electronic health records systems. President Obama put funds in the the stimulus bill to subsidize providers’ large capital outlays. President Obama wanted “meaningful” EHR utilization, and only providers meeting the […]

Baucus’s Side Deal Comes Unstuck

by Bruce Webb The Amendments Are In — All 543 of Them The Friday 5 p.m. deadline has passed for filing amendments to the health care legislation in the Senate Finance Committee, and aides to Senator Max Baucus have finished tallying them: 543 in all, from both Democrats and Republicans. Senator John D. Rockefeller IV […]