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Universal Health Care Is Good for Business

A Healthy Blog notes that Massachusetts has reversed the national trend: Since the enactment of Chapter 58, Massachusetts has increased the percentage of employers offering coverage to their employees. With the employer offer rate up 4% over two year, to 76%, we are climbing well above the national average of 60%. This increase occurred in […]

"Wellness" — Or Else

Maggie Mahar on “The Health Beat” gives us a head’s up on yet another perverse incentive, this time one that superficially looks like one of those bleeding-heart lefty Wellness provisions, but will have the opposite effect if not patched up. (Note: Maggies post is built on AlterNet post here. How Insurers May Use “Wellness Programs” […]

Medical Loss Ratio Revisited: Cost and Coverage Controls that Work.

Back on July 28th I posted on what I considered to be the most important provision of the original House Tri-Committee Health Care Bill in Sec 116: Golden Bullet or Smoking Gun Smoking Gun referred to the belief by Republicans that this bill was designed to ultimately transition to Single Payer, and Golden Bullet to […]

Heath Care Reform– Looking at the Glass Half-Full

Rdan (Run 75441…h/t) Maggie Mahar writes an essay that is now cross posted at Angry Bear with the author’s permission: Health Beat, a Project of the Century Foundation;November 4, 2009 Heath Care Reform– Looking at the Glass Half-Full What Has Been Accomplished; What Still Must Be Done These days, many progressives are expressing deep disappointment […]

ER: It is the law, and often a slogan "Everyone can get care"

Rdan Not only is ER care enormously expensive for ‘more routine’ health concerns than a clinic, but perhaps are not equal for insure/uninsured even for traffic accidents, not withstanding our best wishes. Sphere notes a report from the Archives of Surgery: It’s federal law: All seriously injured emergency and trauma patients must be given equal […]

Health insurance plans-Goldman Sachs and Congress

rdan NYT reports on $40,000/year health plans as we discuss health payment options for health care. Goldman Sachs is one of the nation’s richest banks, and hundreds of top Goldman employees have a health care package to match — one of the “gold-plated Cadillac” plans cited by those involved in the health care debate in […]

Massachusetts is fixing the fixed health care system: more administration?

by divorced one like Bush In this debate on how to finance health care, we are hearing about the costs to deliver health care and how to bring them down. Mass is now proposing a capitated payment system that will be government created. It is the latest fix to a herald “fixed” problem. Which begs […]

Here’s your Medicare Part D

by Divorced one like Bush Time for some real numbers. This example is also an example for people to understand the need for fixing our system of paying for health care. Because, even in the senior years, the cost can bankrupt you. My parents, 2008 adjusted gross income $43,291. $19,745 is capital gains from a […]

Is Douglas Holtz-Eakin still an economist?

Via Dr. Black, we get CNN reporting: Younger, healthier workers likely wouldn’t abandon their company-sponsored plans, said Douglas Holtz-Eakin, McCain’s senior economic policy adviser. “Why would they leave?” said Holtz-Eakin. “What they are getting from their employer is way better than what they could get with the credit.” And why is it better? Because of […]

Health plans

Robert was hiding this link over at his Stochastic site, where he allows himself to have unsophisticated but very readable translations of Angry Bear at times. Here is the link to an analysis of McCain’s plan for health insurance. The link to Stocastic Thought is on the left sidebar. Also in that Health Affairs posting, […]