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Health Care Reform and Caregivers Refusing Medicare Patients

Robert goes out on a limb and guesses that Lori Montgomery fell for (or is pushing) Republican spin in this article in the Washington PostReport: Bill would reduce senior careMedicare cuts approved by House may affect access to providers A plan to slash more than $500 billion from future Medicare spending — one of the […]

Fox Noise on Canadian private insurance boom

By: Divorced one like Bush This is a heads up. Fox news has a report out that there is a rise in private insurance activity in Canada. The article suggests that it is because of all the wait time that people are tired of do to a shortage of doctors and possibly the low fees. […]

Deja Vu Health Care Reform: Hillary Care is the wrong feeling

by: Divorced one like Bush Ok folks. It’s real, this familiarity with the health care reform debate. It is a real memory you are experiencing, that deja vu feeling. Only, the reason it seems so much as deja vu is because what your being told is the trigger of the deja vu is not the […]

Here’s your Medicare Part D

by Divorced one like Bush Time for some real numbers. This example is also an example for people to understand the need for fixing our system of paying for health care. Because, even in the senior years, the cost can bankrupt you. My parents, 2008 adjusted gross income $43,291. $19,745 is capital gains from a […]

Health plans

Robert was hiding this link over at his Stochastic site, where he allows himself to have unsophisticated but very readable translations of Angry Bear at times. Here is the link to an analysis of McCain’s plan for health insurance. The link to Stocastic Thought is on the left sidebar. Also in that Health Affairs posting, […]

FYI on National Health Insurance

Science Friday aired a show on 12/14/07 discussing national health insurance. Guests were: Uwe Reinhardt James Madison Professor of Political Economy,Princeton, New JerseyJ. Fred Ralston, Jr Chair, Health and Public PolicyCommittee American College of Physicians, Fayetteville, Tennessee Donald Berwick President and Chief Executive OfficerInstitue for Healthcare Improvement, Cambridge, Massachusetts Here is a real example (as […]

The American Medical System – One Person’s Experience With Heart Surgery in the US… and Brazil

A week ago, my sister, while traveling in Natal, a city in Northeastern Brazil, experienced some heart trouble. Heart trouble is nothing new for her; she’s had a defibrillator in her for well over a decade now, and has undergone heart surgery a few times. Long story short, a taxi driver rushed her to the […]