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A line of connection in experienced disconnected thought: Southern economic growth, anti-union, free trade job loss, today’s economy

by divorced one like Bushcaution, a long read I’ve been reading: Making Government Work by Ernest F. “Fritz” Hollings. Yes, that Hollings of Gramm and Rudman legislation fame. It is kind of rambling read, but I now understand why our congress of the democratic party side has been acting like moderate republicans and not liberal […]

The Winners Compensate the Losers? Thoughts on Armistice Day + 90

Ken Houghton Not Veteran’s Day, which is a U.S. construction to make certain we don’t have to give another Federal holiday to Those Who Served. And arguably not Remembrance Day, the version here in Canada, since (as Rob[ert] Farley notes) there are “only” ten known survivors remaining of The War to End All Wars, which […]

Accurate Headline: After three years of U.S. recession, Canada looks East

The WSJ wants to pretend that Barack Obama is responsible for Canada making a good decision: Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France signed an agreement Friday to begin negotiations for a free trade pact between Canada and the European Union. A Canada-EU study released last week outlines the joint economic benefits […]

In Which I Say Something Nice about Globalization

It’s still not “free trade” in a sense anyone but the self-delusional Greg Mankiw could describe it, but there are some gains accruing to China. As the Chinese economy moves from agriculture to producing more goods and services, two things have happened. Energy demand has gone up: And people have been able to afford services […]

Pandering to (Some) Economists: Trade in Ethanol

by Tom Bozzo Another major energy proposal in the McCain economic plan is ending subsidies for corn ethanol and eliminating the tariff that effectively bars to importation of sugar cane ethanol. Greg Mankiw scored these on behalf of the economics profession as points for McCain over Obama in the NYT over the weekend. I agree […]

Renegotiating NAFTA: It’s not just for the US any more

It’s no secret that I am no fan of NAFTA, which is to free trade what George W. Bush is to entrepreneurship. So when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were talking about changes needing to be made, I yawned. (save the rustbelt, by contrast, looked up and said, “Now they understand?”) Then changes they want […]

How to Devalue Your Brand, Greg Mankiw Version

Greg Mankiw, clearly distracted by his former collaborator’s wife having been denied a tenured position at Harvard, quotes Fred Bergsten in the WSJ, Instapundit-style: By effectively killing “fast track” procedures that guarantee a yes-or-no vote on trade agreements within 90 days, lawmakers in Washington, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have destroyed the credibility of […]

You, Me and China make Three, part II

Back on April 20th I presented my introduction to a book by Will Hutton: The Writing on the Wall. First, the book is 334 pages. The list of references 39 pages. There is a lot I could cover. But this is the Angry Bear which I view as being about US(of A). It is this […]

Free trade, Republican’s no like (along with others)

From a poll by the WSJ/NBC reported in October, 2007 comes: While 60% of respondents said they want the next president and Congress to continue cutting taxes, 32% said it’s time for some tax increases on the wealthiest Americans to reduce the budget deficit and pay for health care.Can you imagine? They have started to […]

A Completely Free Market

Edward Charles Ponzi Jr. sends along a link to an article by Doug Noland. I don’t know who that is, and I don’t agree with some of what’s in his article, but I do agree with this: It is also as ironic as it was predictable that Alan Greenspan – Ayn Rand “disciple” and free-market […]