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Bad Expansions Are In the Eye of The Beholder

Via Barry Rithholtz, I see that Martin Feldstein has not yet finished with his Atonement. I think I’ve posted a variation of this before, but apparently I’ll have to keep screaming, at least throught Simchat Torah (and, I suspect, beyond). Anyone have Feldstein appearances or editorials from early 2004 talking about how badly the economy […]

Texas Again: Which Rick Does More Harm?

That Rick Perry is a clueless candidate and skilled campaigner is something for Barack Obama’s minions to suffer.* That Perry’s curiosity goes no further than “Where’s My Next Corndog?” cannot be held against him; he only became what they made him, just as his predecessor did, though with a poorer transcript and lack of his […]

Unforced Error, or How Well Has That Worked Out for You, BarryO?

PGL, in the process of an optimistic piece, points us to Martin Feldstein ringing in 2011. Apparently, the reason is this: The most substantial potential boost to spending comes from a temporary reduction of the payroll tax, lowering the rate paid by employees on income up to about $100,000 from 6.2 per cent to 4.2 […]

Predicting Recessions, The Great Stagnation, and Will There Be a Double Dip?

by Mike Kimel Predicting Recessions, The Great Stagnation, and Will There Be a Double Dip? There’s a lot of talk about a double dip recession these days. I don’t think there’s a precise definition of a double dip recession, but I think if there was it would be something like this: “a recession, followed by […]

Democracy, oil, economic recovery…

Prof. Barkley Rosser at Econospeak makes a few observations on the changes in the Middle East as they relate to oil producers. (Dan here…An oil shock in prices of crude oil would be problematic for the economic recovery we all hope for.)