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Elizabeth Warren 2009

As the Senate election begins in earnest in Massachusetts, with a great deal of money already pledged and attack ads begun, the contest has the ability to capture the nation’s attention and imagination. We will be following aspects of the election for our readers as the year progresses. Re posted is a statement she made […]

Interlude / Self-Indulgent Advt

I want one of these positions: The Office of Complex Financial Institutions (which the agency has assigned the acronym CFI) “will perform continuous review and oversight of bank holding companies with more than $100 billion in assets as well as non-bank financial companies designated as systemically important by the new Financial Stability Oversight Council,” the […]

My mission is to restore America’s great middleclass

AlterNet / By Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren: My Mission Is to Restore America’s Great Middle ClassAt Netroots Nation, Elizabeth Warren spoke about how the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau could help protect the U.S. economy. August 1, 2010 | Editor’s note: The following is a speech delivered by Elizabeth Warren at Netroots Nation 2010. Check […]

The Messenger Again Wears A Skirt

op-ed by Run “The Messenger Again Wears A Skirt (Mama Tucker on Brooksley Born)” Taking a page from his former boss and mentor Larry Summers, Geithner behind closed doors has expressed opposition to Dr. Elizabeth Warren heading up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as reported by The Huffington Post. For those of you who may […]