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Britain’s New Prime Minister Openly Channels … Bernie Sanders?

[New British Prime Minister Theresa] May — who campaigned for “remain” in last month’s E.U. referendum — had vowed to unify her bitterly divided party by appointing “leave” and “remain” advocates alike to top posts. She has made good on that pledge. But she also chosen to banish Gove and others who had been critical […]

Why are so many pundits conflating U.S. blue-collar voters’ concerns that are similar to their British counterparts’ who voted for Brexit with the separate issue of whether the Brexit vote itself will influence U.S. blue-collar voters’ votes in November? These are completely different issues.

Some of our wisest political observers informed us that Brexit would be great news for Donald Trump, because it shows (somehow) that there may be more support here than expected for his nationalist message of restoring American greatness through restrictionist immigration policies and turning the clock back on globalization. So it’s a bit surprising to […]

I really don’t understand what …

… all the fuss about Brexit is about, given that now more people will visit Turnberry, Scotland to golf. Or maybe not. Although that push to repeal Dodd-Frank may save us all from another economic crisis! ____ Okay, seriously, I think that contrary to the immediate CW, Brexit will actually hurt Trump, not help him. This […]