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Republicans repeatedly exploit people’s biases to win elections

For one, I find it difficult for behavior economics to explain why people are reacting in irrational ways. For example, University of Chicago poses some statements or questions on the issues. Delaying on investing in a 401k to save was only because at the time I could not afford to do so even though I […]

Oxytocin and lying from a psychology and ECONOMICS study center researcher

I am posting this because the source of this study caught my attention.  It is out of the  Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) and the University of Amsterdam, Psychologists Dr. Shaul Shalvi and Dr.  Carsten K. W. De Dreu respectfully.  Dr. Shalvi is the head of BGU’s Center for Decision- Making and Economic Psychology. […]

Economics an Almost Social Science

Peter Dorman at Econospeak discusses problems with microfoundations, and in a more thorough paper at Association Economique politique explores the Political Econonomic Outlook for Capitalism. Mark Thoma had pointed to this Business/behavioral science can help guide economic-policy view notion of looking at incentives in an empirical way.

Wiggle Room

By Noni Mausa Wiggle Room In a claustrophobic economy where the lions share of the fruit of citizens’ efforts is funneled to a small number of beneficiaries, where institutions intended to intervene on their behalf have been rejigged to work backwards, what can the little guy do to gain some wiggle room? The poorest Americans […]

I resemble those remarks!

By Daniel Becker (DOLB) Following up on Robert’s post which at it’s core is discussing the article: Economic Enlightenment in Relations to College-going…. I find it interesting (not alarming at all, at least not regarding the data) that the following combination is the ultimate economically enlightened member of society if you are: very likely to […]

This is your Brain on Rose-Coloured Glasses

by Noni Mausa “Rose coloured glasses” has long been used to imply an optimistic view of the world makes people stupidly cheerful. Turns out, the real case may be exactly the opposite. Good mood produces better attention and better problem solving. From the CBC science program “Quirks and Quarks:” This is your Brain on Rose-Coloured […]

Possibly a Great Paper.

I subscribe to too many RSS blog feeds. So everyone once in a while one pops up and I think, “Should I drop this”? And so it is with Evolutionary Economics, which occasionally seems like a self-parody of what would happen if you recited Economics 101 cant with an added, even-less-scientific, “evolutionary psychology” glean to […]

Hello My Name is Robert Waldmann

Hi I am Robert Waldmann. rdan has very kindly invited me to guest post here some. I have a blog of my own (to which he kindly linked in the announcement). I am officially an economist, but tend to blog about politics at my home blog. Here I will try to fit the interest in, […]