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CEO Math

by divorced one like Bush Honda has done some math, Honda Motor Co. now expects 185 billion yen ($2.06 billion) in group net profit for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2009 — less than a third of the 600 billion yen it earned last fiscal year.For every yen the dollar declines, Honda loses about […]

In Which I Agree with Richard Shelby, and Ask the Next Question

Via Dr. Black, the NYT quotes the Alabama Senator: “Companies fail every day and others take their place. I think this is a road we should not go down,” said Mr. Shelby, the senior Republican on the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee. “They’re not building the right products,” he said. “They’ve got good […]

Maybe Not This Time…

…at least not so directly: The Treasury Department has turned down a request by General Motors for up to $10 billion to help finance the automaker’s possible merger with Chrysler, according to people close to the discussions. Instead of providing new assistance, the Treasury Department told G.M. on Friday, the Bush administration will now shift […]

Remember the Vega response? It’s a philosophy problem.

by DolB After reading Tom Bozzo’s post via Vtcodger, I was inspired by the comments about bad management. I’m not confident that the issue of the Big 3 management is the result of stupidity as much as it is from philosophy. Part of the bitching of the Big 3 in the first crisis was do […]