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Institutions and markets

David Zetland at Aguanomics ponders the interplay of institutions and markets (reposted with authors permission). LocaL conditions in this context are those conditions in a watershed area. This is what I mean by institutions I wrote this for some partners on our water project, and I post it here because it seems to give a […]

Delivering water quality to the tap

Delivering water quality to the tap I’m now in Kiev (looking into their water utility regulation), and a typical problem has popped up, i.e., the difficulty in delivering water quality to the tap. The physical layout of water systems — taking raw water from ground or surface sources, treating it, pumping it through large pipes […]

The political-economy of water…all in auctions

From David Zetland comes this re-posting from  Aguanomics on addressing issues in the political economy for  water. The political-economy of water…all in auctions I’ve been working on this idea for 5-6 years, and I think it has great potential for reallocating water while respecting the rights of existing users. It just came out in the Journal of Environmental […]

Miya Water’s quest to plug leaks

Via David Zetland’s Aguanomics. I continue to follow David’s thinking on how to plan, price, and ultimately use water in a 21st century manner. He offers interesting notions on the roles of government/pricing (and markets). There is currently big bucks involved and only to grow in importance and critical decisions to be made. Water is […]