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Ten great cities dying of thirst in Wallstreet 24/7 points to a problem already serious in some cases, and during the 2007/2008 drought made readily apparent – our lack of will to address water infrastructure problems and replacement, and our use of water that is outstripping sources. This report by Ceres and Water Asset Management […]

Global Warming: TCS v. Al Gore and Andrew Sullivan

Robert Balling over at TCS goes after Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” by noting a passage taken from this study, which got NRO’s Jonah Goldberg all excited. Andrew Sullivan more carefully reads what the study said and did not say and links to this piece which has in large font the following: Emissions of greenhouse […]

Herbert Stein v. John Tamny on Oil Prices and Monetary Policy

John Tamny starts his latest op-ed with some wisdom from Herbert Stein: Seeking to shift blame away from the Federal Reserve and the Nixon White House for the oil shocks of the early 1970s, the late Herbert Stein said, “My devotion to the old-time religion is not so great as to make me believe that […]

Would Allowing Offshore Drilling Lead to Oil Prices Being $13 Per Barrel?

Peter Ferrara says blame “liberals and regulation” and trust the supply-side cure: Over the past thirty years, extreme-left liberals have successfully shut down new energy production in the United States … The liberals also have stoked “Not in My Backyard” concerns in order to stop the building of new oil refineries … Finally, we now […]

Gasoline Prices: Russert Tries Demand & Supply

Arianna Huffington should consider John Derbyshire to do her Russert Watch: Watching Meet the Press roundtable on the gas price kerfuffle. Russert, challenging Energy Secretary Sam Bodman: “Oil demand is up. Supply is down. So why are prices rising?” Er……….. OK – Rachel Sklar did a nice job echoing something CalculatedRisk observed: Bodman says that […]

High Gasoline Prices: Is Speaker Hastert a Socialist?

KLo suggests that Senator Kennedy is a socialist for telling Russert: And he ought to activate and call the Federal Trade Commission-which is basically a sleepy organization that has given an interim report in terms of price-fixing and gouging-he ought to get them off and have them working seven days a week, 24/7, to make […]

$70 Oil

The spot price for Cushing, OK WTI just hit $70 per barrel. Edit: Spot prices were briefly above $70 last year due to Hurricane Katrina. Click on graph for larger image. Dr. Nouriel Roubini suggests that $70 oil may have a significant impact on the US economy: ” … if oil prices were to drift […]

Liberalizing Mexico’s Natural Gas Industry is Not the Solution to the Immigration Issue

Lawrence Kudlow makes a good case that we should not close the borders. He hopes – as do I – that Mexico can foster its own economic development. After all, the CIA’s World Factbook reports Mexico’s per capita GDP at only $10,000. But he loses me with the following: When Fox took Mexico’s helm six […]

Dr. Robert Novak on the Lack of Global Warming

Max Sawicky is having some fun at the expense of George Will and Robert Novak. Novak writes: James E. Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, has been telling the world that story for many years … Roy Spencer, a research scientist for the University of Alabama in Huntsville who disagrees with Hansen’s […]