The economics of bacon

I love the smell and taste of freshly cooked bacon. That said, I very rarely eat bacon, for the same reason I rarely eat sausage, ham or bratwurst. Preserved meats are associated with a higher risk of colon cancer.

But if you *do* eat bacon, can you afford to? Not according to Donald Trump, who claimed at a recent rally that Joe Biden had raised the price of bacon four-fold. “We don’t eat bacon any more,” Trump said.

Setting aside the risible notion that the POTUS controls bacon prices, did the price of bacon go up four-fold under Biden? Kevin Drum brings the charts over at

“The price of bacon is up a mere 14% since Trump left office, and if you adjust for wages it’s cheaper than when Trump left office. Meanwhile, total bacon production is 13% higher than it was when Trump left office. For better or worse, the American love affair with bacon is far from over.

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Bacon prices under Biden