The good old days

When I started attending departmental faculty meetings in 1987, there was an emeritus faculty, Harold Katzman, who went to most of the meetings. He rarely said anything, but he did make the effort to show up, perhaps out of personal loyalty.

Dr. Katzman was the first graduate student of our department’s founding chair, Dr. Edward Doisy. After he graduated in 1928, Dr. Doisy hired him as a faculty.

Shortly before Dr. Katzman died, my then-chairman, Dr. Sly, visited him in the hospital. They got to talking about the early days in the department, and Dr. Katzman recalled a time early in the Great Depression when he was summoned to Dr. Doisy’s office. Doisy told him that there was no money to pay faculty salaries that year.

Dr. Sly: “How did you feel about that?”
Dr. Katzman: “At least I still had a job.”