They are Anti-War, Stupid

Reuters says the students are protesting the war in Palestine.  The students say that they are protesting the war — the killing of innocents.  Still and yet, the U.S. media doesn’t get it — says that the protesters are pro-Palestian, or anti-Semitic.  Seems it is about the narrative.

To be clear. Netanyahu and ultra-orthodox Jews wanted this war.  They wanted Gaza, the occupied territories.  An observer over the years might envision caged Palestinians being poked with a stick.

Israel is being led by men of millennials ago, men bringing ancient mythology, ancient conflicts, to bear on this, the twenty-first century.  Turns out that time travel isn’t us going back in time or forward in time.  That the Putins, Xis, Netanyahus, Talibans, the ultra-orthodox Jews, … — only people from the distant past — get to be time travelers. 

Now, the population of Israel wants to punish the Palestinians for what Hamas did.  How is it that this is so?  Did the Hamas attack justify killing 30,000 innocent Palestinians?  How can this be justified?

Here, in the US, esteemed Jewish writers like the Washington Post’s Marcus and Rubin can’t get out of their skins, can’t condemn the murder.  This time, most of the rest of the world has.

And, the US is complicit.  Furnished the weapons and the intelligence.  How can Biden extricate himself?  

Long now, to be a politician in America is to fear AIPAC.  Today, to head a university in America is to fear the Bill Ackmans of America.  How can this be when Jewish Americans represent less than 3% of the population?

Appears that much of the rest of the world is beginning to understand that claims based on belief, on mythology, can no longer be allowed to dictate policy, any longer be accorded legitimacy.