Last Week in the Inland Empire …

by Ten Bears

Homeless on the High Desert

Mormon Militia Moves To Take Over Central, Eastern Oregon Government

Note that the link is to an article in The Guardian, a British publication that is to my observation the straightest, least bias / most honest reporting today. Bear in mind as you read these happenings out on the Oregon High Desert that people are reading about them in England, and around the English-speaking world

Sometimes when things click they really click, and can be a thing of beauty

This clicked with a chuckle at the ((( Greater Idaho ))) movement the other day, chuckling not just because my grandparents were State of Jeffersonians and what the spuds think is new isn’t new but because it became the basis for the seventies hippy-dippy novel (there were several actually) Ecotopia and ultimately, before co-opted by the NAZIs the notion of Cascadia: an independent Pacific Northwest

Not quite 200 years ago the Mormons declared War on the United States and 175 years ago claimed the Great Basin ~ Utah, most of the Nevada territory and a big chunk of the Oregon Territories ~ as their own. There was considerable violence, in all directions: it was War, they were out for everyone and everyone was out for them; and upon losing many of the insurrectionists fled to Mexico, renouncing their citizenships. To this day there remain large colonies of Mormon Mexicans, crossing the border with impunity; many stay, assume the mantle of citizenship and authority while by birth-right establishing future Mormon insurrectionists

If you were to open up a map of the American Inter-Mountain West and zoom in enough to overlay it with a map of ((( Greater Idaho ))) to be adjacent to Utah and Nevada and then overlay that with a map of the Great Basin you would find that the Mormon sphere of influence encompasses all that they had claimed

All of Utah and flatland Idaho, most of Nevada, Central and Eastern Oregon, South Eastern Washington and parts of Western Montana: the Inland Empire

By controlling the cops and the courts, the city and county commissions, the tax and the school boards, they are effectively in control of more land than Texas

Not just land. The Mormons own Pepsi. Pepsi owns Earth2O, owns Opal Springs owns Cow Canyon aquifer; owns the water under Madras, Culver and Prineville

This isn’t meant to denigrate what they’ve done, I think it’s a thing of beauty, what they have done. All politics are local and by working within the system, working the system, they infiltrated the system, rigging it to their benefit by voting their people into these positions. That it’s not to others’ benefit is moot

A micros of what The Church and the Federalists are trying to do to America

Real question is is ((( Greater Idaho ))) cover? Or did the Mormons get lucky?

I have been told by Mormons that when atheist I die they will baptize me into their monkey religion post-mortem and I’ll be their slave in the afterlife on the planet M’buto. Won’t they be surprised when they find Aziraphale waiting

Not the bumbling, effeminate, somewhat nearsighted quite probably neuro-divergent Aziraphale of late teevee and popular culture but with shield and flaming sword Aziraphale the ((( Bronze-Age Bad Ass ))), who guards the nine year-old boys drowned baptized into the Body of Christ at the Four Square Pentecostal Baptist Church of Jesus Christ Ascendant in Palmdale California

I’d probably enjoy watching but, well … I’ll be dead. Or Aziraphale