Is Life Today Really So Bad?

Kevin Drum doesn’t believe Life is so bad. Kevin poses a number of reasons why things are actually pretty good. Think about it. We weathered a pandemic. For the first time government stepped in biggly and well beyond what was done in 2008 for people. Biden insured people who had no healthcare insurance pre-pandemic, provided subsidies for people while we stayed home, added additional subsidies for children, permanently expanded subsidies for healthcare, eliminated the healthcare insurance cliff, expanded Medicaid till after the pandemic, etc. What am I missing here? The above was for citizens alone. I did not mention help to business.

I am tired though. I am tired of one person being allowed to flaunt the law with its antics. All because he has the backing of a rogue, politically leaning, flawed SCOTUS and various elected officials. I am tired of his lies, rants, and attempts to take over the nation with the foregoing. He has never had it so good. Thats another story. The rest of this is Kevin Drum telling us we are doing ok if not great! Kevin . . .


Young people are TIRED!

Young people are TIRED.
They’re tired of growing up with forever wars,
with no healthcare, with crumbling
infrastructure. Young people have every right
to demand better from their leaders. It’s their job

— Rep. Jamaal Bowman Ed.D.
(@JamaalBowmanNY) May 3, 2024

Just stop it. Joe Biden ended the Afghanistan war and cut American drone strikes nearly to zero. The US is not currently fighting any major wars and in 2022, for the first time in decades, reported no civilian deaths due to US combat.

Health insurance coverage has steadily increased among the young for the past decade:

And infrastructure is not “crumbling” by any stretch of rhetoric. Even the always dour American Society of Civil Engineers says as much: its most recent report gives US infrastructure its highest grade in more than a quarter of a century.¹ Spending on infrastructure has increased by a quarter since 2000:

There is a relentless drumbeat of claims on both sides of the aisle that America is falling apart at the seams and _________ has it worse than ever in living memory. But it’s just not true. Wages are high for every demographic group you can name; life satisfaction is steady; unemployment is low; drug abuse overall is down; our educational system is good; poverty is declining; we have more entrepreneurs than any country in the world by a wide margin; democracy is alive and well; our economy is the envy of the world; social welfare spending is generous; and a future of driverless cars, artificial intelligence, medical revolutions, and abundant energy is practically on our doorsteps. Even our demographic problems are about the least bad of any advanced economy—thanks, in part, to our supposed problem of too much illegal immigration.

Everyone has personal problems. Every country has national problems. The fact that we have problems is completely normal. But honestly, our problems right now are about as mild as they’ve been in our entire history.

¹Their 2021 report gave infrastructure a grade of C-. By ACSE standards this is roughly an A+.

Kevin Drum, Stop telling everyone life is horrible, May 4, 2024